Hello, I’m Di, the heart and soul behind Get Midlife Fabulous, with a passion and purpose to help all post menopausal women lose weight and create a healthy, strong and energised life that they love waking up to.

Get Midlife Fabulous is officially 20. At a time when society’s focus on youth often overshadows the beauty and strength of women in their midlife years, Get Midlife Fabulous was born out of a passion to celebrate, empower and inspire.

Throughout those two decades, I have loved every moment working as a dedicated, 1:1 Midlife Weight Loss and Wellness coach, here on the beautiful Island of Jersey, which I am lucky to call my home and it is here that I have met and supported so many, incredible women to successfully discover their healthiest, happiest , most slim and trim selves, after Menopause.

Today, it is their success stories, their triumphs and transformations that continue to fuel the passion that drives Get Midlife Fabulous Forward.

I have been able to create all of my life-changing, weight loss and wellness programmes by not only using my 20 years of professional experience but that of my own personal  health and wellness journey over the last 30 years.

What makes this journey even more special is that like many of you, I am still navigating the joys and challenges of Post Menopause myself. I have just stepped into my 65th year, I am 20 years post menopausal and still facing challenges along the way, even at the times I thought I had cracked it, life has a habit of throwing the occasional curve ball your way, but I have been stronger in mind and body, long enough to be able to face these challenge and come out the other side, intact.

Cleaner eating, an active lifestyle, self care and emotional clarity make up the foundation of my unique approach. There is no magic pill, no strange herbal brew that can fix things instantly, no matter what some people will tell you.

This post menopause wellness journey is about great nutrition and getting your hormones, your body and your life, back in balance in a way that’s unique to you and your needs.

Get Midlife Fabulous

I want you to see life through fresh eyes and help you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day, for the rest of your life.

I am all about YOU!